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Integrating Improvement Into Healthcare

Welcome to Healthcare Info Sources! We strive to provide just-in-time resources and education so Healthcare Professionals can integrate improvement into healthcare NOW! The site is free for all users.
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Healthcare Info Sources

Need help with accreditation or an upcoming survey? Wish you could spend less time looking for solutions to everyday healthcare challenges? This site provides hundreds of resources for Healthcare Professionals - including Accreditation, Patient Safety, Quality, Infection Control, Policy, Staff Education, and more. Healthcare Info Sources provides tools, checklists, guidelines, fact sheets, videos, websites and interactive tools. We continuously update this site to provide a just-in-time remedy for professionals promoting clinical excellence and compliance. Check the HealhcareInfoSources website

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Healthcare Info Sources is a great place for healthcare professionals and healthcare students to find great information and resources. We have done our best to include the most current, best information we can find. However, it is up to the user - YOU - to decide how, when and where to best utilize the information, or to decide not to use it at all.

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